Vedic Sutra involves 5 Steps Preparation, accumulation, elimination, lubrication and finally rejuvenation of the

body through Techno Ayurveda combination via Marma therapy, PEMF therapy, Potli and FDA approved Body contouring Devices resulting into 10 Times faster impact.

. NadiPriksha – is an ancient Ayurvedic Technique of diagnosis through pulse. It can accurately diagnose physical, mental and emotional imbalances as well as diseases.

.  MarmaTherapyisthe energy healing of Ayurveda, utilizing 107 points or “doorway” into the body and consciousness. It removes blocks in energy channels called shrotas and pacifies vatadosha, and bring it to its normal path-especially vyanavata (sub-dosha which controls the autonomic nervous system)

PEMF (Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field) therapy – Results in higher energy and quicker healing by fine tune your body’s cells to perform more effectively.

. Potli (PatraPindaSweda) – PatraPindaSweda is an important process of panchakarma, the well known ayurvedic detoxification treatment

. Steam Bath – Produces great result as heat and steam allow medicated oils to seep into body and nourish them from inside.

. Ayurvedic Medicines

.  DNA Based Diet

. Yoga & Meditation

Accomplishments of Vedic Sutra

. Successfully treated patients with Anxiety and Stress.

.Successfully treated patients with Polycystic Ovaries (PCOD), leading towards regular monthly cycles.

. Successfully treated patients with Fatty Liver

.Successfully treated patients with Thyroid.

. Successfully treated patients with Hormonal Imbalance.

.Successfully treated patients with Diabetes.

. Successfully treated patients with Obesity

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