Cavitation is a treatment discovered in Europe, which uses ultrasound to demolish the fat cells in specific parts of human body. It is declared the best, safer, and painless substitute to surgery. This straightforward method of fat loss treatment is easy to implement. But it asks for a technically sound set-up and skilled professionals to be performed perfectly. Vedic Sutra is considered the best center for cavitation treatment in Delhi/ NCR as it gets an edge over its counterparts in terms of equipment and experience.

Process of Cavitation

The first step is to apply the special cream over the area from where the fat needs to be cut. After that, an ultrasound machine is applied to the body. This device is used to transmit ultrasonic energy to demolish subcutaneous fat cells accumulated in the fat cell membrane. As a result, the fat disperses into other cells and converts into glycerol and proteins.

What benefits fat cavitation treatment offers?

Cavitation is completely a non-invasive and painless therapy unlike liposuction which leaves you with pain and discomfort for few days after implementation. The results of cavitation are no dissimilar that of the instant results of cosmetic surgeries. 8-12 sessions of fat cavitation treatment are more than enough to get you back in the shape with proportionally divided fat on your different body parts.

If you think any of your body parts need to reduce fat then make no delay in visiting Vedic Sutra- Noida’s top most fat cavitation treatment center. We are backed by the team of experienced cavitation experts and latest equipment to get our job done perfectly.


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