Vedic Sutra Wellness Centre was founded in July 2017 by Dr. Anu Jaiswal in Noida.
Dr. Anu Jaiswal studied Ayurveda from Rishikul Govt. P.G Ayurvedic College & Hospital in the year 2000 as a student at the Ayurvedic Institute.
As Ayurveda gained in popularity, Dr. Anu Jaiswal increasingly received requests for higher effective Ayurveda Treatments. Her passion for Ayurveda and serving the Community landed her the responsibility of setting up and running the Vedic Sutra Wellness Center.
In 2017, Vedic Sutra Wellness Centre was started with the mission to provide the highest quality Ayurveda Therapies for curing Body Ailments.
Dr. Anu Jaiswal conducted rigorous Research with a vision to Cure the Ailments in Shorter Time span and thus after thorough research, combined Ayurveda with Technology.
Dr. Anu Jaiswal is now the First and only Ayurvedic Physician in the World who introduced Techno-Ayurveda Therapies by Combining Marma Therapy with PEMF Therapy. With combination of MARMA and PEMF Therapy, Vedic Sutra Wellness Center is able to cure more than 85% of Body Ailments.

Our Team
The Vedic Sutra family is dedicated to sharing the wisdom of Ayurveda not only through the Techno-Ayurveda Therapies but also sharing our lives and stories. We share a common vision that Ayurveda has full potential to cure the Ailments. Our commitment is to provide the Most Efficient Therapies and Ayurveda Medicines for making your life Healthy.
Photo – Dr. Anu Jaiswal BAMS;
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(Marketing Head)

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