Chemical Peels

Chemical is an authentic way to improve the overall appearance of the skin. While implementing this skin therapy, the skin care experts apply suitable chemicals and let the skin soak the same. Afterward, the skin starts peeling for maximum 2 weeks. The density of skin peeling depends upon how deeply the skin soaked the chemical. This process is mainly performed to exfoliate the damaged parts of the skin so that the new radiant and soft skin can grow. The chemicals used for skin peeling are commonly known as wounding or exfoliating agents.

At Vedic Sutra, our skin care experts firstly analyse the skin insightfully and then choose the right chemical for skin peeling. Going wrong here may lead to burnt skin; hence, getting the chemical peeling done by en expert is necessary. Don’t rely on the next door skin care centers. Only a certified skin care center like Vedic Sutra can assure you with the perfect chemical peeling results.

The types of chemical peelings we perform are:

Superficial Peels- This is the lightest type of chemical peeling suitable for all skin types. Our experts use a very mild glycolic acid and dry ice (as solid form of carbon dioxide) while practicing superficial peels. If the skin damage is minor then this peeling is a good option.

Medium Peels- While this peel, the skin soaks chemical deeper than the superficial peels. You can feel a little burning like sensation while this peel as Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is used as major peeling agent. But it’s complete a safe formula is practiced by the experts only.

Deep Peels- When a chemical soaks into all the layers of skin and cause a burn, this process is known as deep chemical peeling. Deep peel is prescribed for only the face by the experts. Deep chemical peel can be performed once in a lifetime on the face besides exceptional cases.

Don’t even think to try chemical peeling at home. This is not like any other face pack. Visit Vedic Sutra and let our experts rejuvenate your skin with chemical peeling.

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