How Stress is formed

According to Ayurveda our inability to deal with stress is due to an imbalance or lack of coordination of three main Mental functions

. Dhi (Learning);

. Dhriti (Retention)

. Smriti (Long term Memory)

. Lack of Ojas energy in the body.

Stress can be Work related, Mental, Physical, Emotional, Nutritional and can be due to Long term Illness.

How Does Body Response to Stress and

it’s Impact on Body When You are under Stress your Muscles gets Tensed, Breath becomes Faster, Heart Rate increases and the body gets into Fight & Flight response. Impact on body when Adrenal Gland (Stress Hormone) stay at Higher Levels for a Long Time

. The Bones become weak, Immune system mess up and make you loose Muscles

. Stomach gets Upset because body stop digesting food during fear-flight response.

. Leads to Heart burn and Acid Reflux may cause ulcers.

. Continuous Headache, sleep disturbance

. In Women, it Leads to irregular monthly cycles, missed or painful and worse PMS.

. In Males, erectile dysfunction and effect sperm count.

. Breathing Problem, Breath may become harder and faster. Heart Problem, can lead to high Blood Pressure, Stroke, Heart-attack.

. When you are under stress, Liver releases Glucose into Blood to fuel fight-flight response, which can lead to Diabetes (if a person is obese).

. Leads to Weight Gain, as the body does not respond to Diet and Exercise.

Physical Symptoms of Stress

. Bloated Tummy and Buttocks

. Occasional Pain in Back, Neck, Knees, Legs

. White Coated Tongue

. Feeling tired within 3-4 hrs of work

. Feeling very sleepy and difficulty to Concentrate.

. Frequent Constipation

. Frequent Burping, Gases, Acidity

. Difficulty to Control Weight

Chronic Problems associated with High amount of

Stress and Toxins

. Cholesterol

. High Blood Pressure

. Migraine

. Blood Sugar

. Infertility

. Chronic Joint Pain

. Heart Disease

. Premature Greying of Hair

How Does Vedic Sutra Anti-Stress Program helps in curing Stress

Anti-Stress Program at Vedic Sutra involves 5 Steps Preparation, accumulation, elimination, lubrication and finally rejuvenation of the body through Techno Ayurveda combination via Marma Therapy, PEMF therapy and Shockwave therapy and Potli resulting into 10 Times faster impact.

NadiPriksha – is an ancient Ayurvedic Technique of diagnosis through pulse. It can accurately diagnose physical, mental and emotional imbalances as well as diseases.

Marma Therapy is the energy healing of Ayurveda, utilizing 107 points or “doorway” into the body and consciousness. It removes blocks in energy channels called shrotas and pacifies vatadosha, and bring it to its normal pathespecially vyanavata (sub-dosha which controls the autonomic nervous system)

.PEMF (Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field) therapy – Results in higher energy and quicker healing by fine tune your body’s cells to perform more effectively.

.Shock wave therapy – Non-invasive treatment which promotes the rapid healingof injured tissue, bone and joint.

.Potli (PatraPindaSweda) – PatraPindaSweda is an important process of panchakarma, the well knownayurvedic detoxification treatment

.Steam Bath – Produces great result as heat and steam allow medicated oils to seep into body and nourish them from inside.

.Ayurvedic Medicines

.DNA Based Diet

.Yoga & Meditation


Reduces Pain, Inflammation, effect of stress on the body and platelet adhesion.

. Improves energy, circulation, blood and tissue oxygenation, sleep quality, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, uptake of nutrients, cellular detoxification and ability to regenerate cells.

. Balance the immune system and stimulate RNA and DNA

. Accelerate repair of bones and soft tissue

.  Relax muscles

Accomplishments of Vedic Sutra

Successfully treated patients with Anxiety and Stress.

.  Spondylosis, lower Back Pain, Tennis Elbow.

. Successfully treated patients with Polycystic Ovaries (PCOD), leading towards regular monthly cycles.

.Successfully treated patients with Fatty Liver.

.Successfully treated patients with Chronic Arthritis.

.Successfully treated patients with Slip Discs.

.Successfully treated patients with Thyroid.

. Successfully treated patients with Hormonal Imbalance.

.Successfully treated patients with Diabetes.

. Successfully treated patients with Obesity

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